Name: Specialist
Price: 22.99

This Rank contains the following in-game perks:

  • Up to 15% XP boost - Everyone in your game receives up to 15% more EXP, including yourself! (Actual EXP bonus depends on the number of players in your game; currently only works in PVP games, but we will add this bonus to all other gamemodes in the future and free of additional charge)
  • SPECIALIST in-game rank title - Whenever you chat, a bold, light pink SPECIALIST text shows after your name!
  • Ability to use /hat - Wear an item as hat in the Server Spawn to show off your premium status!
  • Ability to use /nick - Show a nickname in the Chat instead of your actual player name!
  • Ability to Choose Team - In PVP Team matches, you can choose which team you wish to be placed on, allowing you to team up with your friends!
  • Access to Additional Future Perks - When add other premium perk to this rank (except seasonal promotion bonuses), you will receive it free of additional charge.

This in-game rank is bundled to your game account permanently and will never expire. This rank is virtual goods and proceeds will be used to cover server upkeep and other server-related expenditures. Refunds will not be accepted. GunColony has been running for more than two years and will continue to deliver our players the best gameplay experience possible.